Verified Digital Asset Registry

Encouraging Cryptocurrency
Asset Verification
Reducing Risks Associated With Cybersecurity And Fraud
Improving Investor Experience

Coin Register is a platform showcasing verified digital assets in the cryptocurrency market!

The Developer, when registering with devregistrar.org, will then have the privilege to register their coin on CoiRregistrar.net. The idea is that we are giving the investor a better chance to invest in the developer's coin with safety and peace of mind.

A project listed on CoinRegistrar.net is limited to, and exclusively for, developers who are registered and have been verified through DevRegistrar.org .

We strive to pave the way for cryptocurrency authentication methods for a more convenient, exclusive, secure, and private way of KYD (Know Your Developer).

CoinRegistrar.net is the go-to platform for any new investor looking for secure digital currencies with real, registered developers behind the project, enabling trust and confidence in their hard earned investments.

The goal of CoinRegistrar.net is to encourage cryptocurrency verification as a security standard for all upcoming and well-stabled projects.

As a developer, or investor, acknowledging the fact that KYD is a major role in investing in any form of assets. A platform such as CoinRegistrar.net & DevRegistrar.org is very much needed in this industry.

We provide a comprehensive listing of all coins by “Registered Developers”.

If a coin is registered here on this site, then we consider that the coin is more trustworthy, and has a more trustworthy developer, than a coin that has not been registered by us.

A coin listed on CoinRegistrar.net is not an endorsement, nor is it a guarantee that a developer is not capable of pulling a scam of some sort. DevRegistrar.org, and CoinRegistrar.net are only indications that a developer has passed our rigourous personal information inquiries.

We do not charge the developer to register on DevRegistar.orgm or to add their coin onto CoinRegistrar.net. This gives the developer no excuses whatsoever not to register on Devregistrar.org.

This was made for the safety of investors, and is a not for profit website.

We trust that you will use this website as it is funded and paid for by donations from volunteers who want to see the crypto world a safer place for investors and developers as a whole. We feel that if something is not done, then the crypto world may be manipulated by world governments to make it illegal to use.

We at CoinRegistrar are a group of developers and crypto enthusiasts who want to make sure that the crypto world is a safer place for both developers and investors.

We decided to build a registry to register developers and a separate registry for coins. Those wishing to remain anonymous can do so, thus the registry can then register the developers coin, this making it more trusting to the investor.

By providing a comprehensive listing of coins by registered developers, who have registered their personal information to DevRegistrar.org, helps investors by giving them the ability to see legitimate developer projects, from developers that are registered on DevRegistrar.org.

Investors will now also have the ability to lodge complaints against any developer that commits a fraud, if this is proved then the developer and coin will be blacklisted preventing the blacklisted developer from ever being able to register on DevRegistrar.org, and be unable to list any new coin again on CoinRegistrar.net.

Please note:

Coins listed have had developers registered with their personal information; we are not endorsing any coin/project/developer as 100% safe, always be aware of your trading, if in doubt don’t trade.

We supply a list of coins and projects from developers that are registered on the DevRegistrar.org.

We are not, and will not be responsible, if a registered developer decides to perform any fraudulent activities, If this does happen then we have all the information needed to give to the authorities under a warrant of the whereabouts of the said developer for prosecution.

The chances of a developer listing a coin with coinregister.net for a scam is fairly remote as the information that the developer supplies are very strictly detailed and enforced.

At No Time: can a person apply for developers personal information, as we are under very strict privacy laws with Jailable offences, so please do not ask, as some people may take offence at their request will be refused.

In the event of fraudulently activities, any developer will lose their registration status and will be blacklisted, as well as have their coin removed from the CoinRegistrar.net listing to be transferred to The Blacklist.

The developer, once blacklisted, will never be able to reregister again at https://devregister.org/ or https://register.dev/ at any time in the future.

We will post a public blacklist of coins, and the Discord name of that coins developer, on CoinRegistrar.net that acts dishonestly, or performs a scam. Our aim is to look after the developer in regards to privacy, but most of all, our aim is to make sure the investor is not losing their hard-earned funds due to corrupt or dishonest developers.